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The Privilege of Being in Christ's Body

July 7, 2013 Speaker: The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach Series: Church: Winning the Fight?

Scripture: Ephesians 1:1–1:23

“Church: Winning the Fight? #1 The Privilege of Being in Christ’s Body”

Ephesians Ch. 1 - The Rt. Rev. Dr. Foley Beach                         July 7th 2013

God has given us the privilege of being a part of His Church, the Body of Christ. Being a follower of Jesus endows us with incredible spiritual blessings when we submit to Him as the Head of the Church.

A. Paul’s Introduction (v.1-3) Two key words: _______ and _____________

John Stott: We may safely say that nothing from Paul’s pen was ever purely conventional. On the contrary, both these nouns are particularly appropriate at the beginning of Ephesians – ‘grace’ indicating God’s free, saving initiative, and ‘peace’ what he has taken the initiative to do, namely to reconcile sinners to himself and to each other in his new community.

B. The Believer Has Spiritual Blessings (v.3-14)

1. God the Father is the _________

They are spiritual blessings (heavenly realms), not necessarily material blessings.

The essence of our blessing is that God the Father has given us the privilege of being His Children in the material world of here and now to fulfill His will by bring praise to God.

2. God the Son (Jesus) is the ___________

• Redemption through His blood

• Forgiveness

• Understanding of His Divine Will and plan of Salvation

• Union with the Father

• Inheritance

Note on Predestination and Election: “we who were the first to hope in Christ” (v.12)

3. God the Holy Spirit is the _____-________

F.F. Bruce The Spirit consciously received is “the guarantee of our inheritance,” the pledge given to believers by God to assure them that the glory of the life to come, promised in the gospel, is a well-founded hope, a reality, and not an illusion.

C. The Believer has Spiritual (Holy Spirit) Power (v.15-23)

• Spirit of wisdom and of revelation (in the knowledge of Him)

• Eyes of your hearts enlightened

1. The _______ To Which We Are Called

2. The Glorious __________ Which is Ours

3. The Greatness of His ____________

The same Power (Holy Spirit Power) which “he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand” is at work in us!!


God has chosen us (all who believe) to be a part of His Body (the Church), and because of this, all of our decisions, actions, thoughts, service, obedience, should not be viewed or acted on from a SELF-CENTERED ________, but from a CHRIST’S BODY ___________.

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