IMPORTANT: At this time we are gathering indoors for worship services on Sundays at 8:30am (traditional), 10:00am (traditional + livestreamed) and 11:30am (contemporary + livestreamed). CLICK HERE for more information.

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Primary Speakers

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach

View The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach’s Sermons

The Very Rev. Michael Guernsey

View The Very Rev. Michael Guernsey’s Sermons

The Rev. Dr. David Harper

View The Rev. Dr. David Harper’s Sermons

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Frank Lyons

View The Rt. Rev. Dr. Frank Lyons’s Sermons

Guest Speakers

The Rt. Rev. David Anderson

View The Rt. Rev. David Anderson’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey

View The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey’s Sermons

The Very Rev. Dr. Henry Baldwin

View The Very Rev. Dr. Henry Baldwin’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon Greg Goebel

View The Rev. Canon Greg Goebel’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon Andrew Gross

View The Rev. Canon Andrew Gross’s Sermons

The Rt. Rev. John Guernsey

View The Rt. Rev. John Guernsey’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon George Ivey

View The Rev. Canon George Ivey’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon Lawrence McElrath

View The Rev. Canon Lawrence McElrath’s Sermons

The Rt. Rev. Márcio Meira

View The Rt. Rev. Márcio Meira’s Sermons

Mission Testmonies Rev Tipton & Jane Carney

View Mission Testmonies Rev Tipton & Jane Carney’s Sermons

The Rev. Christopher Royer

View The Rev. Christopher Royer’s Sermons

The Rt. Rev. Raphael Samuel

View The Rt. Rev. Raphael Samuel’s Sermons

The Rev. Collin Setterberg

View The Rev. Collin Setterberg’s Sermons

The Rev. Canon Jeff Williams

View The Rev. Canon Jeff Williams’s Sermons