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Anglicans for Life

What is Anglicans for Life?

Anglicans for Life (AFL) is an organization dedicated to:

  1. Ending Abortion
  2. Ending Euthanasia
  3. Protecting Embryos from Research
  4. Promoting Abstinence and Adoption

WHEN: The Holy Cross Anglicans for Life Chapter meets the first Thursday of every month in the church parlor at 10am.

PURPOSE: The purpose of Anglicans for Life is to:

    FIRST, Our AFL chapter will PRAY. We pray specifically for our community, our nation, our legislators, for families in crisis, for those working in abortion clinics, for the unborn and for those who are infirmed and cannot speak for themselves. We pray that God will show us how to help others develop strong convictions about all life issues.

    SECONDLY, Our AFL chapter seeks to EDUCATE the people in the church about what is happening in our nation and around the world regarding life issues.

    THIRDLY, we promote volunteer opportunities within our community. Several of our chapter members are already volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Walton County and the Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic of Walton in areas such as parenting classes, counseling, office work, etc.  

GET INVOLVED: Be sure to go to our national website- for interesting information and important updates on life issues. All are welcome to join in at 10am on the first Thursday of each month.

LEADER: The Holy Cross AFL Chapter Leader is Paulette Ivey.

Please contact the church office for more information.