Ministry Teams

We'd love for you to use your gifts and talents to get involved in the work of ministry at Holy Cross.  Contact the church office for more information on how to get connected or follow up with one of the team leaders listed below.  


Traditional Choir

Amy Sowell, Traditional Music and Choral Director

Jim Sowell, Organist

Our traditional choir leads the 8:45 Sunday worship service with hymns of praise and classical anthems. During summer the program highlights small groups, solos and special performances.

The primary mission of the Traditional Choir is to serve God and His church by bringing the very best it can offer in worship while also presenting outstanding choral works. We are dedicated to high musical standards and consistent musical leadership in worship. The ensemble also exists for the mutual support and fulfillment of its membership. The singing of the choir is always dedicated to the glory of God.

Contemporary Praise Band

Our Minister of Music for the 11:00 service is Paul Hedges.  He in the anchor for our praise band, which consists of guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.  

It is our hope that hearts would be touched by the Presence of God during our times of praise and worship, because it is all about Him.  When we worship in song, we express our love and appreciation to God. It is said that singing is "prayer times two". The heavens resound with singing.  Please join our band members in praising the Lord each week at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday service.  The music is upbeat, hopeful and especially prayerful. The lyrics appear on video screens so everyone can sing along and includes popular songs that you may have heard.  We seek to show our genuine love and excitement as we worship our Lord. 


The media ministry is responsible for running the audio and visual equipment during worship services and events.  If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, contact the Amy Sowell.


Members of the hospitality ministry work continually in the background, providing meals for shut-ins, hors d'oevres for receptions, preparing lavishly laden tables for big events, lunch preparation for clerical meetings, weddings, funerals, snacks for children's activities, and so much more.  If you love to cook, help clean up, or simply be of service, please contact Win Norris for Sunday hospitality ministry or Maria Markell for special events ministry.


Greeters serve a very important function - making everyone who walks through our doors feel loved and welcomed! All you need is a smile and a welcoming heart! If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Harry Daugharty


Have you ever wondered why the altar hangings are a rich red one Sunday and then green, purple or even white the next week? Or, have you ever closely observed the priest as he stands behind the altar and prepares the elements for The Lord's Supper? The Anglican Church is a liturgical church, and our worship is filled with Biblical teaching and the symbolism of Christ, The Lamb of God.
The Altar Guild is the best place to learn about all of these ancient traditions. While you are learning, you are also serving Him in a deeply meaningful way. Truly, this faithful group called The Altar Guild, and the service it provides, is the very heart of the church.
Presently, we are in dire need of young men or women, especially from the 11:00 service, who are interested in being a part of this guild. Otherwise, the rich traditions of our church are not going to be passed along to the next generation. If you feel called to serve the Lord at His Altar, please contact Gail Kelly.


An acolyte assists in worship by carrying the processional cross, lighting candles, holding the Gospel book, holding candles or "torches", assisting a deacon or priest set up and clean up at the altar, swinging a censer or thurible or carrying the incense boat, handing the offering plates to ushers, and many other tasks as seen fit by the priest or Acolyte Coordinator. Acolyting is open to any young person, male or female, in sixth grade or older. Please prayerfully consider joining this ministry. Questions? Want to sign up? Contact Marlene Gulledge.


All Life is Precious to God. We support several ministries which encourage life. Contact Paulette Ivey for more information about our local chapter of Anglicans for Life. Contact Carol Fairman for information about the Pregnancy Reourse Center of Walton County.